Sonographer Career Resources

Sonographer Career Resources

  • Sonography: There's an App for That

    By Caitlin Browne, Publish Date: Apr-08-2013

    Mobile devices can help sonographers work and study....

  • Sonographer Careers

    Publish Date: Jan-12-2010

    As more medical practices utilize ultrasound technology rather than traditional x-rays, there may be a growing opportunity for those with sonographer training, graduates of sonographer schools, and anyone seeking a sonographer career....

  • Sonographer Salary Levels

    Publish Date: Jan-12-2010

    A sonographer technician salary may be as high at $88,490 and the field of employment for sonography technicians may increase by as much as 44 percent through 2020....

  • Sonographer Jobs

    Publish Date: Jan-12-2010

    With employment opportunities expected to increase 44 percent or more, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the sonagrapher tech jobs outlook may be good....

  • Sonography Schools

    By Maricelle Ruiz-Calderon, Publish Date: Dec-17-2010

    Sonographers use ultrasound imaging to help physicians examine areas of a patient's body. Using images, sonographers search for contrasts in the images to identify healthy and unhealthy areas. Here, learn more about sonography careers....

  • Sonography programs: practical and interesting

    By Candice Mancini, Publish Date: Jun-02-2011

    Sonography programs will teach you how to use sonography equipment and will include related coursework. Cool ultrasound facts might also be included in sonography programs....