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Ultrasound Technician Schools in Massachusetts

With an annual mean wage of $78,460 in May 2009, ultrasound technicians (also called diagnostic medical sonographers) in Massachusetts enjoy the highest average salary for this occupation in the country. In Worcester, one of the top-paying metro areas in the U.S., the annual mean wage for diagnostic medical sonographers is $90,440.

Ultrasound Schools in Massachusetts

Aside from excellent salary prospects, there are other advantages to working in Massachusetts as an ultrasound technician. Rated one of the top states for health care and having one of the highest life expectancies, Massachusetts also has the highest rate of insured residents in the country, at a full 93 percent. This is due to the Massachusetts Life Sciences Initiative, a 10-year, $1 billion investment to foster growth in this industry cluster, as well as the state government's commitment to system-wide reform. Attending one of Massachusetts' ultrasound schools gives you access to some of the best providers and research in the field.