Ultrasound Tech Schools in Illinois - IL Ultrasound Technician Training

Ultrasound Technician Schools in Illinois

Ultrasound technicians and diagnostic medical sonographers have an important role in the diagnosis and tracking of medical problems or checking the progress of pregnancy. It is a rewarding career that allows individuals to work closely with patients and physicians. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that, nationally, diagnostic medical sonographers earned a mean annual salary of $63,640 in May 2009 and employment is predicted to increase by 18 percent in the decade ending in 2018. So there are many good reasons to train as an ultrasound technician, but why choose Illinois ultrasound or sonography schools?

Ultrasound Schools in Illinois

There are several accredited ultrasound schools in Illinois that provide the training and education one needs to begin a career. Illinois also has a wealth of things to see and do when you're not in the classroom. For those who love the outdoor life, Illinois' parks, gardens, lakes, and beaches are enough to occupy you throughout your school years. The Illinois State Museum offers an insight into Illinois' history and culture, the Abraham Lincoln Museum presents the entire Lincoln story, or you could enjoy the more quirky Super Museum devoted to all things Superman-related. Other Illinois attractions include water parks, vineyards, zoos, and theatres. You can enjoy sporting events, shopping, and nightlife in a state where the beach and the big city are side by side.

If you decide to stay in Illinois to begin your career as an ultrasound technician, you can expect to earn a good salary. The mean annual salary of diagnostic medical sonographers in Illinois was $69,900 in May 2009, which is higher than the national average.