Ultrasound Career

Ultrasound Technician Career

Though commonly associated with obstetrics and pregnancy, ultrasound technology is used in a variety of medical settings and situations. Its use is growing, too, as awareness for the adverse effects of radiologic procedures increases. Landing an ultrasound technician job may be the beginning of a long-term ultrasound career. Learn more about Sonographer Careers

What are ultrasound technician job duties?

  • Perform ultrasound exams and patient assessments.
  • Acquire and analyze data that is generated by various ultrasound and related diagnostic technologies.
  • Provide summaries of findings to physicians to assist with patient diagnosis and management.

What are my ultrasound career options?

  • Most ultrasound technician careers are in hospitals.
  • Technician careers may also be pursued in doctor's offices, clinics, and medical and diagnostic laboratories (including diagnostic imaging centers).
  • Ultrasound technicians may go on to become chief ultrasound technologists and technical directors.
  • Career opportunities may be available in education, research, and medical administration, as well as in commercial companies (working as an education/application specialist, technical advisor, sales representative, etc.).

What else should I know about becoming an ultrasound technician?

  • According to the American Hospital Association, there is currently a high vacancy rate for ultrasound jobs.
  • As ultrasound technology expands, and as it becomes an attractive alternative to radiologic procedures, the demand for ultrasound jobs will likely continue to increase in the future.
  • Ultrasound technicians generally work 40-hour weeks. Hospital-based ultrasound technicians may have to work weekends and evenings, as well as be on call and report to work on short notice.
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