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Ultrasound technician job description includes essential medical imagaing tasks

By Laura Isaacs,

The ultrasound technician job description includes performing some of the most important tasks in the medical imaging sector. Ultrasound technicians administer diagnostic tests using high-frequency sound waves to create images of inside of the body, and these images help doctors identify, analyze and treat a variety of medical conditions.

Ultrasound technician job description: Performing an exam

Performing ultrasound diagnostic imaging procedures is likely the most important role in an ultrasound technician job description. Though the equipment used is complex, the procedure itself is fairly simple. Typically, ultrasound technicians begin by applying a clear gel to the patient's body area to be imaged. This helps make the equipment make contact with the patient's skin for clearer internal images. Then, the ultrasound technician will select the appropriate settings on the imaging machine and help the patient settle into positions that will produce the best images. To perform the actual exam, the ultrasound technician presses a hand-held imaging tool firmly against the patient's skin in a range of locations, gliding over the areas of interest to the best view and clearest image. The exams itself will usually take between 30 minutes and one hour.

There's more to it: Other factors in an ultrasound technician job description

Though most of their work includes performing exams like mentioned above, an ultrasound technician job description is likely to involve other tasks. Ultrasound technicians also maintain patient records and make sure equipment is in good condition. Technicians might be required to make schedules, perform inventory and order needed materials. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates technicians are employed in a variety of settings, ranging from hospitals to medical practices to other health centers, so ultrasound technician job descriptions might vary by employer.


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