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How to become an ultrasound technician patients love

By Candice Mancini,

In a recent Pampers Village post, Melissa Willets expresses disappointment over the grumpy way her ultrasound technician announced (mumbled off-handedly) her baby's gender. In another Pampers Village post, Bri Taylor gushes over why her ultrasound technician is her favorite person. Those embarking on their ultrasound-training journey should learn how to become an ultrasound technician patients will love.

Tips on how to become an ultrasound technician patients love:

  1. Empathy

    For those overflowing with empathy, great! Others must remember their new career requires plenty of it. Whether a patient is there to check out her unborn baby or her liver, creating an air of understanding will make her more relaxed and most appreciative of her ultrasound tech.

  2. Tact

    Tact is a must in medical situations. While humor is appropriate in some situations (laughing at an active unborn baby), in others it is not (making jokes about gall stones).

  3. Knowing one's limits

    Most think of fetuses when they hear "ultrasound." While the procedure is used to examine much more, including the kidneys, pancreas, gallbladder and bile ducts, ultrasound techs still end up examing plenty of pregnant women. Those who are not a baby people (they roll their eyes whenever a pregnant woman talks about "baby") should consider specializing in another area. No ultrasound tech wants to upset patients who might later blog about them.

Learning how to become an ultrasound technician patients love will not only benefit patients; it will help techs to love their careers.